The black day of the Liberal Democrats

Quite a few of the results are in from yesterday’s elections for councils in England and the Scottish and Welsh assemblies. We can make a few tentative judgements.

Labour – Mixed bag. Picked up alot of seats from the rancidly unpopular Lib Dems but failed to make any headway in the Conservative held areas they need to win the next election. Wales was about what theyd have expected but losing like they did in Scotland is a disaster. Ed Miliband claimed to be pleased (he would) but others in his party were less convinced.

Lib Dems – Ouch. As someone said today they are paying the price for a couple of decades of pretending to be Conservatives in the south and Labour in the north. Rumours that they will be throwing their weight around in cabinet to please their supporters are rather undone by the fact that these elections show they have rather few supporters left. The party may well be finished.

ConservativesDecent showing. Actually managed to be up in both councils and councillors as of now.

SNPThe nights big winners. They can now have their referendum on independence which they havent a prayer of winning.