Big Government frequently makes for amusing reading but today, during a discussion of David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’, one contributor came out with this gem

“My Dad though, who is Hungarian, and born during the 2nd World War, has witnessed terrible happenings.So many suffered and families were decimated and fragmented.He always has that comparison.

But one thing he does say, even in the communist era,
EVERYONE was entitled to basic life commodites, like accomodation, bread and milk. People were not left to starve on the streets.”

Put like that life in communist Hungary sounds like ‘How Green Was My Valley’.

My uncle, however, was also born in Hungary, in Budapest in 1938. When he was a young lad his dad didnt come home from work one day. After a few more days my uncles mum baked a cake in a metal bath tub for my uncle and his brother to live on while she went out to look for their father. She came back a week later none the wiser.

Two years later, out of the blue, my uncles father finally returned home. He had been picked up off the streets by the secret police for counter revolutionary activity (though he was never told what this was supposed to have been) and shipped off to a labour camp in the Soviet Union for two years.

Still, at least people werent left to starve in the streets…

As Thomas Jefferson could have told our rose tinted Labour friend, “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have”