Rupert Murdoch doesn’t have a monopoly, now quit whining!

Cheer up Rupe

Right thinking people were sickened by the revelations that the phone of murdered teenager Milly Dowler had been hacked by journalists from the News of the World. Disappointed not to find anything interesting, they deleted messages to make room for something hopefully juicier. This gave hope to Milly’s parents that she was still alive and receiving her messages. The people responsible should be jailed.

Some left thinking people saw all this as a chance to go after Rupert Murdoch. This week the euro lurched closer to disaster, the United States approached default, a forty year civil war ended in the creation of a brand new country, South Sudan, and the Syrian unrest continued. But you’d never have known from the British media which was obsessed with the fate of Murdoch’s ‘monopoly’.

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