A woman has the right to choose…sometimes

The sister doing it for herself

Laurie Penny is one of the silliest people on the planet. But she might have outdone herself.

On her New Statesman blog back during the furore over Nadine Dorries ill fated abortion law amendment Ms Penny was fulminating about the “anti-choice minority” who wanted “to roll back women’s right to reproductive choice”

Well, as ever with the left, its not ‘choice’ Ms Penny supports, its choices she agrees with. Even cherished reproductive choices.

Less than a month after venting at the ‘anti-choice’ crowd Ms Penny took to the very same blog to bemoan “The selective abortion of female foetuses” around the world. She spoke of the “tens of millions of potential human beings, neglected to death, murdered at birth or (in increasing numbers) terminated when an ultrasound scan showed that a woman was due to come into the world

Read that again and tell me how it differs from the rhetoric of the anti-abortion camp.

Cognitive dissonance, they name is Penny.