S**t my economist says #10

Frédéric Bastiat – Wiseguy

I know a guy who is very, very vocal on the issue of the deficit. He thinks it should be closed entirely with tax rises. He has even said he is willing pay a few extra pounds to safeguard those vital public services.

But when his fuel tax went up he went crazy.

Another friend of mine is also very vocal about the coalitions plans to deal with the deficit. Again, it should all come from tax rises.

She has now got a council tax refund of which she plans to donate not a penny to supporting those vital public services.

Indeed, one of the things you notice first about the people who think taxes should be raised to close the deficit is that they almost invariably mean that somebody else’s taxes should be raised to close the deficit.

Or as Frédéric Bastiat put it “Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else”