Pounds and pence

This meme popped up on my timeline yesterday…


I’m not a fan of state spending generally but I have found it rather difficult to get my knickers in a twist about the cost of Maggie Thatcher’s funeral. Not because I liked her, I did, but because of things like the fact that

“Trade unions received £85.8 million from public sector organisations in 2009-10. That is made up of £18.3 million in direct payments from public sector organisations and an estimated £67.5 million in paid staff time.

The total is up 14 per cent from 2008-09, when trade unions received £76.1 million from public sector organisations.

Direct payments include a total of £13.0 million in 2008-09 and £14.9 million in 2009-10 paid by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills through the Union Learning Fund and the Union Modernisation Fund.

2,493 full time equivalent public sector employees worked for trade unions at the taxpayers’ expense in 2009-10.”

So, going back to the meme, £10 million could buy 1,190 nurses, 1,411 teachers, or 2,040 soldiers, or it could buy 2,493 union jobsworths.

Welcome to public sector Britain.


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