The following meme popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday

gun controlIgnoring the comments below it for a moment (though it is an amusing exchange) what struck me was, as I replied, “the world’s greatest military has struggled against rifles in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. #Memefail, as they say”

This didn’t go unremarked. A very intelligent friend of mine replied “Yeah but some rednecks in Colarado shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. They’ll be stuck once there is an embargo on petrol, check shirts and country and western. I can’t see the Canadians supplying and covertly training them accross the border.”

To which I gave the obvious response “”rednecks in Colorado”? You mean like “slopes in Vietnam”, “ragheads in Afghanistan”, or “camel jockeys in Iraq”? #comebackfail, as they say””

In Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq it was expected that the US military would blast its way to victory against ill equipped opponents. It didn’t. In each case the military capabilities of the enemy were held to be negligible. They weren’t.

PS I shall do my friend the service of not reproducing the rest of the conversation.


One thought on “#Guncontrolfail

  1. Hmm. I must confess I am far from an expert on the American War of Independence but my understanding that the outcome did indeed have far more to do with the French than it ever did the Minutemen. Is this true?

    And I wonder what the gun control laws were like in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Tight I suspect. In other words gun control laws aren’t that effective against a determined insurrection.

    Not that this has anything to do with the issue at hand. There is nothing wrong in possessing a firearm.

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