Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!

Four more years

According to an old joke a dancefloor will have to built over Margaret Thatcher’s grave to accomodate the vast number of people who plan to dance on it.

Perhaps not. I’ve looked before at how such a hated and unpopular leader, for so we are often told she was, could have won every general election she fought.

This weekend saw further evidence that hatred of Thatcher id neither so widespread nor so deep as those who really do hate her would have you believe. A YouGov poll for The Sunday Times placed her firmly at the top of a list of post war British prime ministers with a whopping 27%, more even than Winston Churchill. The sainted Clement Atlee, architect of the welfare state, overseer of the NHS, and nationaliser of industries, limped home with just 5% of the vote behind Tony Blair and, mysteriously, Harold Wilson.

This is not to say that some people do not hate Margaret Thatcher ver much but they are not so numerous as they would have you think. They may need that dancefloor, albeit a smaller one than they expect, and the DJ might be playing ‘Dancing With Myself‘.


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