Protesting is soooooooooooooo last year

Put an X in any of the many empty spaces where you think a protestor was and send your coupon to…

Late last year some students, many of whom turned out to be rather plummy middle class kids, decided it would be larks to smash up bits of London to register their annoyance at having to pay for a service they were using.

Today saw students take to London’s streets again. But, perhaps because the news that universities are cutting tuition fees to compete on costs suggests the coalition’s policy is working as they said, only 2,500 are estimated to have turned out. Rather embarrassingly for the revolutionaries this dismally small gathering, nearly 2,000 fewer than saw Yeovil vs Walsall in the Third Division a couple of weeks ago, was outnumbered by the Police.

That’s the thing about fashions, whether for leg warmers or protests. They’re fickle.

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