Tomorrow’s strike looks set to cause more hilarity than anything else. I’ll be putting any rib ticklers I find here.

The Facebook page of Sean Rillo Raczka, head of the students union at my old uni, Birkbeck, has a couple of gems on it today.

“Solidarity with the Greek people, and victory to their courageous resistance! #Greece”

When he says “courageous resistance” he does, of course, mean the attempt by the well paid Greek public sector workers to get German workers to pay for them to retire at 50.

“Let’s strike hard against David Cameron and his scum government #j30”

Mr Rillo Raczka doesn’t have a job so it is difficult to see how, exactly, he will be on strike.
Over at Coalition of Resistance we have the following comment…

“Defend the Poor and Vulnerable and to Hell with Company Greed and Profiteering”

This appears to be a close relative of the age old, ever stupid slogan “People before profits”. Where does this cretin think the money to “Defend the Poor and Vulnerable” is going to come from if companies don’t make profits?

The left still thinks money grows on trees.

The picture at the top of this post comes from the Facebook profile of a prominent student activist. She hasn’t got a job so she’s half way there.


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