The law and justice are two different things

Any advance on four years?

The Telegraph today carries a story with a grimly familiar headline; Rapist released early attacked new victim within weeks

It turns out that on New Year’s Day 2006 Fabian Thomas “twice raped and threatened to kill a girl, aged 17, in an alley in Taunton, Somerset”. For this horrific crime he was sentenced to, yes, just eight years in a young offenders institution. He served only four. You wonder if his victim got over it as quickly?

Released in December 2010 Thomas lasted just two months before he “attempted to rape a woman, aged 19, in a supermarket car park while brandishing a hunting knife and wearing a balaclava”

Our government does alot of things that it has no business doing. But one of the basic responsibilities of the state, before education, before telling us what to eat, before packing councils with diversity officers, is to keep us safe. The fact that it cant do that and doesn’t even appear interested in trying is a failure of politics at the deepest level.

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