Adele vs the left

Iron Lady

I’m not a massive fan of Adele’s version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’. As a Bob Dylan fan I might be biased towards his original but even so I’m a little put off hers by the needless, showy warbling that has infected female soul vocals since Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

That said I like Adele. She has become as phenomenally successful as she has, unlike most of the anonymous model/singer/presenters you see on TV these days, based purely on her considerable talent.

To her talent you can now add guts. The music business and art industry more generally has long been full of left wingers. Considering that, among these left wingers, anyone who doesn’t think that taxes should be ramped up indefinitely to continue paying for a massive and horrendously inefficient government sector is considered the worst kind of obscene fascist (taste and perspective are rarely found on that end of the political spectrum), it takes guts to come out as one of the majority of Brits who support fiscal sanity.

That is what Adele has just done. Predictably, the dogs were soon on her. Her twitter feed featured someone called plasmatron saying “That quote from Adele moaning about her tax bill and slagging off public schools has really p***ed me off” and an obviously unpleasant character called nicklibertine tweeting “Got my paycheque today. Looking at the amount I take home after tax and national insurance is just depressing. F**k you, Adele”

Just as predictably, where the Dave Sparts huddled round the keyboard brazier of the twittersphere led the Guardian soon followed. An anonymous blogger at the Guardian, an increasingly desperate and hypocritical rag which squeals about tax avoidance while being a notable culprit, set about Fisking Adele’s remarks.

“Most state schools are shit” Adele claimed. Not true, said the Guardian, pointing out that “according to the most recent Ofsted report for the UK, ‘Just over two thirds of schools at their most recent inspection were providing a good or better education for their pupils. Pupils’ behaviour was good or outstanding in 86% of schools'”

Except that’s not the full picture. The Programme for International Student Assessment compares students from a range of countries. In 2000 the UK ranked 7th in reading, 8th in maths and 4th in science. By 2008 we had slumped to 17th in reading, 24th in maths and 14th in science.

“Trains are always late” Adele charges, to which the Guardian replies “What does that matter when you don’t use them? And they’re not anyway”

The first point is ridiculous. Adele pays alot more money to the government than most people, several times more than she gets no doubt, and is as entitled to an opinion on it as anyone else.

As for the second point, would this be the same Guardian that claimed that “Train delays cost passengers £1bn“? Seems to be.

“I use the NHS” Adele continues, to which the Guardian response is “Keep paying your taxes then or it’ll be gone”. This is witless. Over the last ten years, according to a House of Commons report, spending on the NHS increased from £60 billion per year to £102 billion. And what did this vast infusion of cash actually achieve? Productivity actually declined.

So the Guardian is wrong and Adele is right. Lots of the money she pays in tax towards the NHS is wasted, she has every right to point this out and suggesting that the NHS will vanish if this insane spending continues is hysterical garbage.

The Guardian rounds off by criticising Adele’s remark that “When I got my tax bill in, I was ready to go and buy a gun and randomly open fire”. Well, I’m sure we could all agree with that. But it goes on to say “it’s still upsetting to hear this musician I admire seems as greedy as the most moat-friendly, port-stained Tory grandee”

Is it? The economy and how to deal with our incredible deficit is the central question in British politics today. Do we ignore the deficit and hope it goes away as Labour would propose? Do we deal with it with all taxes and no spending cuts, raising the basic rate of income tax to 45p as the trade unions would like?

The people who benefit from the governments torrent of fiscal largesse have been very vocal in trying to protect themselves and the Guardian has refused to condemn them for behaviour every bit as self interested as Adele’s. This is just traditional left wing hypocrisy. But a question has to be asked; why is it that in the debate about our nation’s finances we are only allowed to hear from the people who receive the money and not the people who pay it?


18 thoughts on “Adele vs the left

  1. The basic rate of income tax is 45p when you take account of National Insurance paid by employers and employees.That is why we have had anaemic growth for the last fifty years – punctuated by brief flowerings when sharp cuts set us aprt from the rest of the world.We really need income taxes to be set at about 40p above generous "free pay" of about £10,000, with no upper rate and a 50% discount for retired people.

  2. I feel the need to take issue with your blog. I've met the tweeter known as NickLibertine and can assure you is not an unpleasant character. Sure he's been linked with the disappearance of several high profile children and ok, he may have been involved in the Fritzl PR team but to call him unpleasant is grossly inaccurate and I demand a full apology on his behalf.

  3. I take absolute offence to the suggestion that NickLibertine is an 'unpleasant character'. One of my fondest memories of the prolific tweeter was when he was balls deep in, well… another tweeter (whose name cannot be mentioned for legal reason) and then his clown nose fell off! It was magic! I love NickLibertine. He's the best.

  4. Help, I'm trapped by an 'unpleasant creature'. In fact I aint, I was left alone in a room by two unpleasant creatures before 'Dr Nick' saved my untouched bootay and took me home to watch the OC and listen to Beady Eye.I WUB NICK!!!!

  5. Dear The Boy PhelanThis is the police, we know that NickLibertine is a total and utter f'n menace to society< but he has such cute eyes, we dont wanna do anything about himPlus, he's such a lightweight, the sarge can get him to do ANYTHING after 3 pints and a babycham, even probably Adele (no, no-one could do that)

  6. Hi, I've found this blog while googling my son. I can't believe the things being written about my darling NickLibertine. When me and PaLibertine raised our boy we taught him right from wrong. Those three dead hookers aside he has always been on the side of right. His father is in pieces here (he shouldn't have been in that compound in Pakistan)Please please please don't judge my son as harshly as Cheryl Cole judges black people on the x factor

  7. Yes, before we start, there shouldnt actually be a space somewhere in between the E and the R in Therapist.Nick is on a long road back from a dark dark place, where he met and loved Elizabeth only for her father Hanz to find him and cast him out into a field with only an MK Dons programme to read.Nick cannot be blamed for his current actions, that lays right at the feet of Pete Winkelman and Hanz Fritzl. The Bastards

  8. I remember when I first met NickLibertine. He was my cell mate on d wing. He said he was only in for throwing 3 doubles in a row but I had my doubts. He'd actually used twitter to slag off a fat popstar. Well of course I was disgusted. I tried to smother him in his sleep. I mean surely that's the most heinous of crimes known to man and I for one am glad he's being vilified in this blog.

  9. Thanks for your comments folks. And millwallant, no, I havent received a single email notification, it was all a blissfully pleasant surprise.

  10. I was first notified of these events when I felt my phone vibrating in my bottom. "What's this?", I thought. It was a link to this very site! It was well worth taking a five minute break from my grooming and sleazing and tweeting insults at D-list celebrities to have a good chuckle at this here page.Anyway, got to go now, Rick Astley's come round with some beers. I think I'll just tell him to fuck off.

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