A tale of two Britains

He should have helped himself to forty large

Ian Faletto is the long serving and much loved station master at Lymington in Hampshire. According to regular station users Mr Faletto “spent thousands of pounds of his own money buying flowers, magazines and sweets to make the station more welcoming, while also putting in thousands of hours of unpaid overtime to maintain his own rigorous standards of cleanliness”

Now Mr Faletto has been sacked. He saw a Tesco shopping trolley lying on the tracks and, fearing a derailment, he went and removed it. In the sort of story which left wingers always tell you the Daily Mail makes up, this was a breach of Health and Safety regulations and cost him his job.

David Laws is a Liberal Democrat MP. A year ago he was a vastly impressive Chief Secretary to the Treasury until he was forced to resign amid allegations of serious diddling of his expenses. This week he was found guilty. He had, it turns out, claimed £40,000 in expenses he wasn’t entitled to, his motivation being, apparently, to conceal his homosexuality.

The Right Honourable David Laws MP has been suspended from the Commons for seven days.

Compare the fates of Laws and Mr Faletto. Laws, suspended for falsely claiming tens of thousands of pounds, Faletto sacked for shifting a shopping trolley that posed a danger to the passengers in his care. Is it any wonder our politicians are so disconnected from everyday life, a life where you can be sacked for doing your job because some overzealous jobsworth says you broke some stupid rule? Is it any wonder they consider themselves a class apart? Is it any wonder they consider themselves above the law. Compare the fates of Laws and Mr Faletto; they are.


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