My dad speaks

My dad sent this in to a national newspaper. It didnt get printed so I thought Id give it an airing

Dear Sir,

I hope you will permit me to take issue with the views expressed by R. Bunting in your Letters column of 6 April, in which he said, “The real division in Britain is between those who believe in ‘profit before people’ and those who think ‘people before profit’ is how the country should be run.”

It is a mantra of the left that there is somehow a choice to be made between people and profits, and it is one that reveals the stupidity of those who chant it. If, like me, you have worked in the private sector all your life, you will realise that job security and future pension prospects are absolutely dependent on the profitability of the company that employs you. Loss-making companies go bust and jobs go with them.

If you work in the public sector it is worth pausing to reflect that the tax revenues that pay for your job, and your final-salary pension scheme, come from taxes on company profits. Loss-making companies have nothing to tax.

Mr Bunting is in error in blaming our troubles solely on the banks. The Brown-Balls policy of hosing the public sector with borrowed money did that, though some banks subsequently gave an extra twist to the knife.

It is essential for the future of our country and its inhabitants that we all realise that our very survival depends on the profits made by the businesses of this country, large and small. A belief that money comes from the tooth fairy and a fondness for repeating adult nursery rhymes will only drive us deeper into the hole we have been dumped in.

Yours faithfully,

Phelan Snr,


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