What does the ‘far right’ believe?

The former editor of the Socialist Party newspaper

Today a friend of mine brought this to my attention, perhaps the most witless attempt yet to make political capital out of the dreadful Arizona shootings.

Ive talked about some of the reaction to this awful event previously but something struck me about this one. What does being ‘far right’ involve?

Look at the National Front in France. They are labeled ‘far right’ just like the Tea Party. So what beliefs do they share? According to Newsweek the incoming National Front leader, Jean Marie Le Pen’s daughter, is “a big believer in the state’s ability and obligation to help its people. ‘We feel the state should have the means to intervene’ she says. ‘We are very attached to public services à la française as a way to limit the inequalities among regions and among the French’ including ‘access for all to the same level of health care'”

In the UK the British National Party are called ‘far right’. Yet they support nationalisation and higher taxes. Given that Margaret Thatcher also gets called ‘far right’ you have to wonder what ground they do share. Indeed, the BNP call themselves “the Labour party your grandparents voted for”.

The Tea Party dont have a leader but if you visit the Tea Party Patriots website youll see that they list their core values as “fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets”. Where, exactly, is the synergy? What do these two phenomena have in common that would make them both ‘far right’?

So as for what being ‘far right’ is supposed to involve, Im still stuck. Any suggestions?


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