Why, oh why?

The kids from Fame gone bad

Like the Rambo films, this drivel is a prime example of why NOT to make a sequel to perfectly good original.

The plot of Death Wish II is identical to Death Wish, the twist is that it’s set in a different city. A bunch of crooks attack Bronson’s family again. The difference is that whereas in the original the rape scene was a not too graphic short sharp shock, in this film it is leeringly drawn out. Is this to show how vile crime and criminals are? Perhaps. Does it feel shoehorned in for pervs? Certainly.

After this Kersey goes on the rampage again, and this is where the film gets really silly. Part of the strength of the original Death Wish film is that Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) never actually tracks down the crooks who attack his family. Whilst condoning vigilantism, it still feels a little hollow that those guys got away.

Here, Kersey is trawling Los Angeles looking for targets. Now I haven’t been to L.A., but I imagine it’s pretty big. You know, you’re not too likely to keep bumping into the same people at random. Well, you’re not Charles Bronson. While out one night, Kersey stumbles across the same hoodlums who attacked him earlier in the film! Fancy that. As if this stroke of luck was not enough, later on he’s strolling around when he hears a scream. He goes to investigate and, in the peculiar haze of sexual violence in which this film operates (there is one gang rape, one rape and another attempted rape), he comes across a rape. But, get this, the rapists are some of the gang who attacked him earlier! Now how’s that for luck!

It gets one mark for two reasons. First, the hilarious bit when Laurence Fishburne tries to shelter from machine gun fire behind his ghetto blaster (it doesn’t work), and second, I cant give it less.


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